Passing On The Legacy Of Flavors

My mom is an amazing cook, who has spoiled me with delicious food, and is the person I credit for my love of cooking. Now, I have my own kids, and sharing the flavors of my childhood with them brings me great pleasure.  As a 1st generation Mexican American, food and music are the only two things that remain of my culture. I know Spanish as well, but I tend to only use it when needed. My thoughts and dreams are in English but my taste buds crave saltly, spicy, sour and sweet all in one bite and I am only inspired to sing when I hear Spanish lyrics. That is my reality. Who knows what parts of the Latino culture will remain in my 2nd generation Mexican/Colombian American children? So far I am doing a terrible job in the language and music department so that leaves me with food.  It is my mission to pass on the biggest treasure of my family and culture to my children: cooking! I will share these recipes with you. I hope they help you reproduce flavors of your childhood, or maybe help you create new flavors and traditions in your family.

I will share family recipes and also recipes that I will translate from the internet.  You see, many “Mexican” recipes on the internet are modified to the point that they don’t look anything like what they are suppose to be. I am sure they are delicious, but what the internet is passing off as enchildadas is in reality just a tortilla casserole. If all I have to pass on to my children, as part of their heritage, is food then I want the recipes to be as authentic as possible! Sometimes in order to get an authentic recipe you have to do your search in Spanish. Makes sense.  Spanish recipes can be difficult to follow since the author usually uses the metric system (ain’t nobody got time for that), or they tend to leave out details assuming you are already familiar with cooking techniques. I am very excited to translate internet recipes and share my family recipes. I hope you find it helpful. If there is a particular dish you want me to share please leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “Passing On The Legacy Of Flavors

  1. Omg, I love the 2nd part of your blog, the whole “tortilla casserole” thing. I couldn’t agree with you more! I search and search the internet to get new recipe ideas (since I have been married for 18 years, I need help with trying to come up with new Mexican dishes!) I see so many “Mexican recipes” but in my opinion a good 90-95% are modified, lol. The real authentic Mexican recipes are mostly in spanish…. no I need them in English. Can’t wait to see your ideas and recipes.


  2. I COMPLETELY understand your yearning to pass your heritage on to your children! I am Jewish. It is so important to me to continue to raise my children Buuuutttt, when you’re living in the Bible Belt, that can be a challenge. Shabbat starts Friday night. I yearn to go to services, but when your temple is an hour north from here, it’s tough with traffic. Especially on a Friday night! I would love to even just light the candles, make a nice dinner and have a relaxing family Shabbat dinner, but that always seems to be a problem! With 3 kids who are itching to be with friends, it seems like we never have time to sit and regroup together as a family. I am trying to keep my Jewish heritage alive in the house. I also, feel I am doing a terrible job! lol But, at least I am trying!


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