How Georgia Made Me a Runner

I’ve fallen in love with the natural beauty in Georgia.  I am impressed everyday with the forests, lakes and peaceful countryside.  I can take pictures all day and often I do, especially when I am running.  It never gets old. With every season there is new beauty in the forest to distract me.  It is difficult not to stop to take pictures of the same scenes every week.  The beauty and peace in the forest is enough entertainment, and I don’t need music on my runs. I listen to silence…and the birds.

In Chicago I had no desire to run, especially outside. I had a gym membership for a decade. I would force myself to go even if it was 17 degrees outside, and no one could see if I was fat under my big bubble coat and chunky sweater. Exercise is not something I did for fun. It is something I did because it was easier than eating healthy. Now in my mid thirties, it turns out I have to eat healthy and exercise just so I can maintain my weight. When I arrived in Peachtree City, Georgia I tried to join a gym, but none could compare to the mega healthclub that I was a member at in Chicago. I was disappointed, but I decided that with 90 miles of golf cart/running paths I did not need a gym. Since then I started running and I found running in the forest is like a retreat –so peaceful and energizing. I have found that I may be addicted to running, which is great because I am still addicted to sweets.

I sprained my ankle walking a week and a half ago. The doctor told me to rest my ankle, and thankfully I was walking fine three days later. It has been over a week, and I thought I could run today, but I twisted my ankle again! I am so sad to realize I probably should not run for two more weeks.  As a short Latina in the mid thirties with two kids I am hanging to a thread to being semi in shape, and I feel I am working against natural order. I don’t like taking breaks!  I am sad I can’t run, but it made me realize I am officially a runner. Below are the pictures that I have taken on my runs. They are the reason why running is no longer a task, but a treat. I don’t think I would be a runner if I did not live here. Georgia made being a runner irresistible. The forest is my gym now. It is my mini retreat.







IMG_1626 IMG_1625